About Us

Postcard and the Pottery new presentation platform is coming out to offer and feature the original creation by Taiwan designers

sharing their passions and inspirations in the field of pottery handwork, postcard, notebook, paper tape, ceramic coaster and canvas bag.

After years efforts and concentration continuously from the local market and eventually have programmed the new platform to introduce

more unique and wonderful creations we hope to be seen and inspired.


Our company was established in 1995 based on Taiwan foundation, specialized in outdoor sports of ice skates, inline skates, helmets and protectors,

with years steady growth, we have expanded our products to the medical devices of walking sticks, quad canes, cruthes and commode chair

which are more user-friendly for improving users living and experiences.


From Traditional production to the Custom-made transformation we reply on our production expertise, industrial technology and efforts full support

to clients marketing requirement, we welcome client's innovative design, customization project, OEM/ODM relationship, sure of our technical reliability

and rich experiences in production of sporting goods, medical devices, sunglasses and the new creation  will be benefit the marketing success and customers